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Devilish Crew

Devilish Crew

Devilish Crew

Wanted to introduce some of our crew members.

Neko Devilish aka The Devil Herself :

She’s the owner of ND Creations and Devilish shop.

An alternative model, Barber/ Hair Dresser, Hair extensions technician.

She’s also the main designer behind our Devilish brand products.

Fierce, motivated, slightly on the crazy side, but harmless and easy going person.

IG:@Neko Devilish

FB:Neko Devilish FB

Kevin Munters The Artist :

Extremely talented Belgium based  Artist/graphic designer.

Kevin is one of our #devilishcrew artist’s, he’s responsible for our Logo, web shop graphics and even our measurement charts designing.

We also have the exclusive rights for T-shirts and Ladies Tanks with his art on them.

Want to Know more about Kevin and his Art?

Check out his IG :@munterskevin

He also has an Etsy Shop where you can buy some of his prints: 

Kevin Munters Art

Our Photogpher: Saskia Petäjä

Saskia is an young extremely talented photographer, videographer & editor.

She has a true passion to cinematography/ photography, and it shows in everything she does.

Don’t let her looks be deceiving she might be young beautiful and has a sassy and playful side.

But she's 100% Professional.

Want to know more about her and her work?

Web: Saskia Petäjä

IG: @saskia_petaja

FB: Saskia Petäjä FB

Alex aka Our Brand Ambassador

He owns a Guitar harem, is a musician  metal music is something that defines his essence.

Of course he’s an true eye candy that’s one of the reasons we chose him as our brand ambassador, 

and in addition to the world of music,  he love’s quality leather.

IG: Alex

Jemina aka Jippu

Neko and Jippu have a long crazy history, there wore time when

People knew us as Hazard Babes.

She’s extremely talented artist and Tattoo artist, she also does some

Modeling for Devilish Shop (mostly because the Boss keeps telling her

that she has no choice) 

She also designs t-shirt prints for our Devilish Shop Originals

Collection and is kinda the Devilish Crew “Handyman”

Did I mention she’s absolute Babe when she wants to be.

Also bit on the crazy side so she she fits perfectly to the

Devilish Crew.



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