Made To measure Instructions - Devilish Shop

Measure yourself using the fabric gauge / yarn / string. The products are made to the dimensions you have given us.

You can submit the required dimensions either by filling out the form below or by emailing us the dimensions you specified.
When ordering a top eg jacket / vest / shirt you only need to supply the top dimensions, you may also want to measure yourself completely so that you do not need to supply us with custom dimensions when ordering products if your dimensions have not changed between orders.


The size is pressed against your body without squeezing the skin
breathe in and out calmly as you measure your body.
Always measure yourself at the widest / thickest part of your body, eg circumference of the hips at the highest point of the buttocks, tense biceps, circumference of the lungs filled with air, etc.

Only measurements related to your order are necessary (for trousers, for example, waist, hips, inseam, thigh, calf, ankle, if narrow leg model).
Our team will be happy to assist with any custom custom issues.

Please note that Women and Men have their own dimension tables to ensure that they fit.